This is a course designed to equip facilitators with the skills they need to effectively manage and lead their mizizi groups.


What is the Mizizi Experience?

Mizizi is an exciting ten week practical discipleship experience designed to help you connect to God, connect with your purpose, and connect with like-minded people on a journey of discovering and living out their purpose.

Connects you to God: through daily devotions you will be able to know and understand God better; you will grow a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him in times of prayer and fasting; and your Will and desires will be better aligned to His as you learn to lead a life of obedience, surrender and submission.

Connects you to Community: God created us for relationships and as you go through the experience with others, you will develop lifelong friendships with like-minded people, be able to share your faith or salvation story with those outside the church as well as reach out to the marginalized and vulnerable members of society.

Connect you to Purpose: through Mizizi you will discover how to effectively use your time, talents and finances to lead a meaningful and purposeful life; impact the societal sector you are positioned in and possibly leave a legacy for generations to come.

How Does Mizizi Work?

Each year we organize three Mizizi seasons at every single one of our campuses all spanning a period of 10 weeks. Mizizi encompasses a large group of people who are divided into smaller groups of 8-12 people based on their residential locations. The small groups are led by 2-3 facilitators.

Every participant is expected to do daily personal study; meet once a week for group discussions; participate in three weekend experiences that entail half day of prayer and fasting, sharing the gospel and serving the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society. In addition there are three large group plenary meetings to launch off the Mizizi season, a financial talk, and the experience culminates in a retreat and final graduation or celebration service. Eighty percent attendance is required for one to successfully complete the Mizizi experience.

Participants are thereafter encouraged to carry on as a small group fellowships fondly referred to as “Life groups”, a group of lifelong friends who live life together.

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“What do you make of this? A farmer planted seed. As he scattered the seed, some of it fell on the road, and birds ate it. Some fell in the gravel; it sprouted quickly but didn’t put down roots, so when the sun came up it withered just as quickly. Some fell in the weeds; as it came up, it was strangled by the weeds. Some fell on good earth, and produced a harvest beyond his wildest dreams” Matthew 13: 3-8 The Message